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Vogue Beauty Clinic’s commitment to the clients they serve is evident in the high-end products that they choose to utilise. For cosmetics and skin treatment procedures, other beauty clinics choose to cut corners by offering lower-tier products, re-packaged to look like real spa service. This is something that Vogue Beauty Clinic will never do to you. Using the best products on the market, paired with the knowledge of talented therapists, Vogue Beauty Clinic is able to offer the finest beauty clinic service in Launceston. The following are some of the high-end products that Vogue Beauty Clinic proudly offers their clients.
Dr. Spiller

The Dr. Spiller line of skin care products include cleanser and creams for specific skin treatments. Featuring a special sensitivity to the eyes and face, Dr. Spiller products are highly effective for dry/dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin and combination skin. For the young and the mature, Vogue Beauty Clinic carries Dr. Spiller products that will leave a real difference in the touch, feel and breathability of your skin.
Make up Studio

Make-up Studio was developed in Holland in the 80s to meet the needs of the professional make-up artist. Since its release it has remained a market leader in Europe and is currently sold in over 48 countries. This exclusive range with an infinite pallet of highly pigmented, high definition products not only meets but exceeds the needs of the professional salon, make-up artist. All products are hypo-allergenic, vitamin enriched and are not tested on animals.
Hypnotic Lashes

Rather than risk irritation or allergic reactions with animal hair, such as mink, Vogue Beauty Clinic applies synthetic, light eyelashes one extension at a time. The Hypnotic Lashes line gives a natural look and feel and a fullness that responds better to the wear and tear that shortens the lifespan of other eyelash brands.
Black Magic

For spray tanner products that are fast drying, non-sticky and entirely odorless, Black Magic is the best in the industry. The secret is combining a natural colour that can match any skin tone as well as anti-oxidants and ingredients that protect and refresh your skin, rather than stifling it. For nourishment and hydration, as well as an aesthetic coat, Black Magic spray tanning is a rarity.
Artistic Gel Nail

Unlike many more common BIG NAME products, Artistic is manufactured in the US using the finest quality products. Purity, consistency, resilience, and workability define the integrity of these products. Extensive research and development go into each product, utilizing state of the art technology and extensive salon testing.

The nail treatment of celebrities, the Minx method of nail coating has revolutionised the industry. For trendy, resilient fashion at affordable prices, Minx nail technology has raised the bar. Vogue Beauty Clinic is one of a few spas that carry Minx products, and nowhere else in Launceston can you find Minx at the efficiency and effectiveness that Vogue Beauty Clinic promises.
Aromatherapy Co.

Through their commitment to the creation of pure, natural products, Aromatherapy Co. sources essential oils of the highest quality in the world for a 100% pure essence. Their body and home scented items and giftware contain botanical and natural plant extracts designed to improve your well-being. You may notice a change in mood or energy when using these products that are made using 85% recyclable packaging and are NEVER tested on animals.

If you are looking to express your individuality through bright, funky, and gorgeous cosmetics, then you should take advantage of the amazing colour range offered by Poni Cosmetics. You will be a trend setter and stand out from the crowd with these bright, vibrant colours. Be a little cheeky and even crazy with the amazing colours with Poni Cosmetics.

Rockhard Artistic emulsifier is paired with Artistic gel polish for fantastic, long-lasting results in a wide range of colors and styles. They have put extensive research into the development of these products, utilising the best technology in the industry throughout the extensive salon testing.
Shanghai Suzy

Founded by Melbourne model and former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton, Shanghai Suzy is a brand new lipstick-only cosmetics brand housing a range of lipsticks with bold and bright colours. They are the only lipstick brand of its kind, taking cues from the fashion industry. Each Shanghai Suzy colour is a limited edition, with new ranges available to match the trends of every season. With the bold, thick, creamy and long-lasting ‘Matte’ formula or with the ‘Nourish’ formula that contains jojoba seed oil that cares for and moisturises the lips while also delivering beautiful colour and a slight sheen. Shanghai Suzy lipsticls are NEVER tested on animals and contain NO animal ingredients.
Vogue Beauty Clinic works tirelessly to provide Launceston and the surrounding areas with the highest quality of products and service.
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